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If you are facing criminal charges in Northwest Washington, you need a criminal defense lawyer who knows the prosecutors, the courts, and the law. I am Justin Campbell, Founder and Managing Attorney of the Campbell Law Firm, and I am here to help. Whether you are facing your first misdemeanor or a high-severity felony, I will help you examine your options and get a fair resolution to your case while serving as your Anacortes criminal defense lawyer.

Anyone can find themselves in criminal court. Whether you are a blue-collar worker from the Skagit Valley or a highly trained professional in Island County, criminal charges can throw you off your game and leave you wondering what your next step should be. I will keep your priorities in mind, to get you the best resolution for your circumstances.

Unlike other legal issues, criminal charges put your freedom on the line. A criminal conviction can come with jail or prison time, probation restrictions, fines, and other costs. Depending on the charge you could also lose your right to own a gun or your driver's license. With your livelihood on the line, you need a lawyer who will take the time you need to explain the criminal process to you and explore all your possible defenses. I take a hands-on approach to every one of my cases, making sure to keep my clients' needs at heart.

Advanced DUI Defense

I go above and beyond to defend your DUI case. I have substantial training in alcohol and drug DUI defense tactics, and have a variety of strategies to meet your particular needs. I know a DUI conviction means more than just a black mark on your record. I will help you understand all the consequences of any plea agreement or jury verdict, so you can make the right choice given your circumstances.

All that training means I have an intimate understanding of how prosecutors and police approach drug charges too. If you have been charged with marijuana DUI or drug-related crimes, I can help you understand the charges, any special enhancements, and the alternatives that may be available to traditional jail sentences. I know how to make the facts work for you, so you can get a fair outcome.

Post-Sentence Solutions

At the Campbell Law Firm, I focus on all things criminal. I can even help you with the post-sentence aspects of criminal law. Whether you need your record expunged or want to restore your right to bear arms, I can help get your life back on track after a criminal conviction. I'm ready to be your Anacortes criminal defense lawyer.

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