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Attorney for Restoration of Gun Rights

Criminal charges carry the possibility for serious penalties, including fines, court costs, and the possibility of jail time. A criminal conviction also can bring with it the loss of civil rights, including the right to own a gun. If you were convict… Read More
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Types of Criminal Offenses

Types of Criminal Offenses in Washington

Most criminal laws are enforced at the state level. While the type of conduct that is criminalized is similar from state to state, the way the laws are enforced can be quite different depending on the state you are in. The classification of criminal… Read More
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What Washington’s Interstate Compact Has to Do with Your Domestic Violence Case

If you have been convicted of domestic violence and are a Washington resident who wants to move out of state, or if you live in another state and want to relocate to Washington, you are subject to the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervis… Read More
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Police interview

What to Do When Police “Just Want to Talk”

If you have been contacted by the police because they “just want to talk” you might feel worried, concerned, or even terrified. Before responding to the police, you should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Having a lawyer on your si… Read More
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Washington Lawmakers Pass the New Hope Act

A criminal conviction can complicate a person’s life – even after they are released back into their communities. It is more difficult to find a place to live, buy insurance, or volunteer in the community with a criminal conviction on your rec… Read More
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Illustration of Man with Red Tape Over Mouth So He Won't Talk to Police - Campbell Law Firm

​Why It is a Bad Idea to Talk to the Police!

“Any lawyer worth his salt will tell a suspect in no uncertain terms to make no statement to the police under any circumstances.” — Justice Robert Jackson. Hypothetical: Let’s say you live on Whidbey Island. Imagine that a cop has… Read More
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What Comes Next After Being Charged With a Crime?

When a person in Washington is charged with a crime, the most common question is “Now what?” Find out what to expect from the courts after you have been charged or arrested. In this blog post, I will review the criminal court process in W… Read More
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