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What Washington’s Interstate Compact Has to Do with Your Domestic Violence Case

If you have been convicted of domestic violence and are a Washington resident who wants to move out of state, or if you live in another state and want to relocate to Washington, you are subject to the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervis… Read More
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Domestic Violence

Defenses to Allegations of Domestic Violence

Allegations of domestic violence are scary, hurtful, and even embarrassing. Conviction can lead to serious consequences, including hefty fines, jail time, and loss of parental rights. Some domestic violence allegations are the result of a misundersta… Read More
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Allegations of Domestic Violence in a Divorce Case

In the past few years we have seen a number of high profile domestic violence cases involving sports and entertainment celebrities, as well as political and public figures. With the increased focus on domestic violence in the media, law enforcement a… Read More
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