Mount Vernon Criminal Defense

A sail boat with Mt Vernon in the background - Concept for Mount Vernon Municipal Court - Criminal DefenseThe Mount Vernon Municipal Courthouse is located at 1805 Continental Place, in Mount Vernon, Washington, on the West side of the street just north of the intersection of Continental Place and E College Way. It is in the same building as the Police Department and is across from the Skagit County Planning and Development Building.

Defending People Charged with Crimes in Mount Vernon, WA

If you have been charged with a crime in the Mount Vernon Municipal Court, you need a lawyer who knows the local courts, will carefully analyze the case against you, and will work hard to have the case dismissed or the charges reduced.

Criminal defense attorney Justin Campbell is based in nearby Anacortes and regularly practices in the Mount Vernon Municipal Court. He has been practicing law since 2009 and has worked throughout Skagit County, including in Mount Vernon, since 2014. Attorney Campbell knows the Mount Vernon prosecutors and regularly appears before the Mount Vernon Municipal Court judge. He proudly defends people facing criminal charges in Mount Vernon Municipal Court.

The Campbell Law Firm regularly represents people charged with:

Even so-called “minor” criminal charges can have a long-lasting impact. Give yourself the best chance of beating the charge or minimizing the severity of the penalties you face by working with an experienced Mount Vernon criminal defense attorney.

Why Choose the Campbell Law Firm for Mount Vernon, WA Criminal Defense

Justin Campbell has a keen attention for detail. He thoroughly investigates and prepares every case he takes on. After your initial meeting, Attorney Campbell will conduct an independent investigation, gather and evaluate all the evidence, and explore procedural issues that could be helpful to your case. He will challenge the prosecution’s evidence through motions to suppress, and will begin preparing your case for trial.

Unfortunately, the government often prosecutes cases without having all of the evidence. Through thorough preparation and zealous advocacy, Attorney Campbell will try to negotiate a favorable resolution to your case. In some cases, this is outright dismissal of the charges, while in others, it involves a significant reduction of the charges. And if trial is necessary, you will find that Attorney Campbell is meticulously prepared and will mount a vigorous defense.

Contact The Campbell Law Firm for Criminal Defense in Mount Vernon, WA

With offices located at 1101 8th Street in Anacortes, on the corner of O Avenue and 8th Street, Attorney Campbell has easy access to the Mount Vernon Municipal Court.

When you hire the Campbell Law Firm, Attorney Campbell will independently investigate your case, scrutinize the evidence to identify inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case, and work with forensic investigators and other experts as necessary to present a strong and compelling defense.

The Campbell Law Firm offers a free consultation, virtually or in person, to discuss your case and answer your questions. Attorney Campbell handles most criminal cases on a flat fee, so you will know what to expect when you leave the office.

To learn more about the Campbell Law Firm, contact us today by calling (360) 588-4111, emailing, or completing the online form.