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Drug charges can happen to anyone. People of all walks of life use controlled substances. No matter who you are, I, Criminal Defense and Drug Charge Attorney Justin Campbell, can help you navigate the Washington criminal courts to fight any false charges or reach a settlement that is right for you.

Drug Charges Depend on the Type and the Amount

Washington drug charges can range from minor civil penalties to serious felony charges. What you are charged with depends on the type of drug you are accused of using and the amount used.


The State of Washington has "decriminalized" marijuana. That means possession of small quantities of marijuana for personal use results in a civil fine, and not a criminal conviction. It is still illegal, but you won't go to jail for personal possession of marijuana.

As the quantity of marijuana climbs, so does the penalty. If you are found in possession of more than 1 ounce and up to 40 kg, you could be charged with a misdemeanor. More than 40 kg can result in felony charges. Growing, selling, or distributing marijuana are also grounds for felony charges.

However, Washington has created a uniform regulation for the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. If you are using marijuana for medical purposes, or if you are charged with felonies related to your manufacturing or sale as part of your business, make sure you talk to me about state regulation of cannabis to see if you qualify for defenses to civil penalties and criminal charges connected to the use and sale of marijuana.

Cocaine & Heroin

Use of cocaine, heroin and related substances is illegal nationwide. In Washington, all cocaine and heroin drug charges are felonies. Possession may result in up to a 5 year sentence. Sale or manufacture charges start with 10 year maximum sentences and increase with larger quantities and second or subsequent offenses. Because cocaine and heroin are very addictive, many people face drug charges again and again. I will fight to minimize the effect of "habitual" charges and negotiate a settlement that addresses your addiction as well as the case at hand.

Drug Sentencing Alternatives

Some first time offenders and defendants with non-violent histories can qualify for alternate sentence options that reduce the consequences of a conviction. This includes Washington's drug offender sentencing alternative, First Time Offender Waiver, and Diversion programs. If this is the first time you are facing court, or if you are struggling with a drug addiction, these sentencing alternatives can provide much-needed treatment in addition to or even in place of jail or prison time. Defendants facing serious drug charges can sometimes use these sentencing alternatives to reduce their sentences and break their addiction to dangerous drugs.

If you are facing drug charges, I will help you understand the drug offender sentencing alternatives and decide whether they are right for you. These programs are not right for everyone, and if you are unable to complete a program you may still face jail or prison time. I will make sure you know what will be expected of you so you can make an informed decision.

Taking Drug Charges to Trial

Washington has created several programs to facilitate settlements to drug charges. But I am not an attorney who looks for settlement right away. Some cases simply must go to trial. I personally evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of every case. I will take the time to explain the risks of taking your case to trial, and prepare you for the process.

A drug trial is one part testimony and one part science. If your attorney doesn't understand the technical details of drug testing you could be missing out on powerful defenses. I have gone beyond traditional legal education, receiving special training in trial advocacy and drug and DUI defense. I know how to pull back the curtain on police drug testing procedures to make sure everything was done properly. A drug charges attorney can help. When there are errors in the process, I know how to use them to fight for a not guilty verdict.

Hire the Drug Charges Attorney at Campbell Law Firm To Work For You

If you are facing drug charges, you need to talk to a skilled Washington drug charges attorney. I will set you up with a free 90 minute consultation so you will have plenty of time to get all of your questions answered. I handle most cases with one clear flat fee, so you will know what to expect before you leave the office. When you're ready to choose Campbell Law Firm as your criminal defense firm, all you need to do is contact me.