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If you are charged with DUI in Washington State in the following locations, Skagit County, Island County, San Juan County or Northwest Washington, you need to contact an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible. Due to the nature of evidence in DUI cases and Department of Licensing timelines, time is of the essence if you are charged with DUI under RCW 46.61.502 or Physical Control under RCW 46.61.504.

When hiring an attorney to represent you on a DUI or Physical Control charge, it is important to have someone on your side who frequently handles DUI cases. As an Anacortes DUI attorney, I, Justin Campbell focus a substantial portion of my practice to defending individuals charged with DUI, Physical Control, or related felony matters such as Vehicular Assault and Vehicular Homicide.

DUI in Washington State: Complexity

The legislature is constantly changing the law related to DUI cases. Also, the case law relevant to DUI defense is always evolving. In addition to the ever-changing legal environment, DUI cases involve complex scientific and physiological evidentiary issues. The complexity of breath test science and blood testing is a major reason why you need an attorney who focuses on, not dabbles with, DUI cases. The new breath test machine in Washington State, the Draeger Alcotest 9510, is a device that runs off multiple software programs and employs two separate methods of breath testing. Both DUI and Physical Control cases may involve affirmative defenses that are specific to these charges. In my opinion, a DUI case is one of the most complicated types of cases in criminal law. I take defending DUIs very seriously. I am a member of the National College for DUI Defense and am constantly trying to learn new skills, science, and techniques to help my DUI clients.

DUI in Washington State: Consequences

DUI cases are serious. Both DUI and Physical Control are gross misdemeanors in Washington State. They are punishable by up to 364 days in jail and/or a $5,000 fine. In addition to maximum penalties, DUI and Physical Control convictions have mandatory minimum sentences. The mandatory minimum sentences are based upon the number of “prior offenses” an individual has and the breath/blood test result, or if there was a test refusal. DUI convictions involve more than just jail and fines. A DUI or Physical Control conviction will result in:

  • Suspension of your driver’s license,
  • Requirement that you can only drive a vehicle with an ignition interlock device for a period of time,
  • Chemical dependency evaluation and treatment requirements, and
  • Serious difficulties when entering Canada.

With all this on the line, it is clear that you need experienced DUI representation to challenge the government’s evidence against you and negotiate the best result possible for you. In fact, trying to challenge the technology and science the government tries to use against hard working individuals is one of the main reasons I chose to become a DUI attorney.

The Campbell Law Firm Approach to DUI Cases

The Campbell Law Firm approaches each DUI case as if it is going to trial. This involves gathering all the evidence in the case. Many times, the government does not have all the evidence when they make the decision to prosecute and individual for DUI. After gathering and analyzing the evidence with you, I will attempt to negotiate a settlement with the government on your behalf. A settlement can be anything from an outright dismissal to a reduction of the charges. With this in mind, not all cases are meant for trial. However, a settlement is a deal that involves give-and-take from both sides. This is where hiring an attorney who is familiar with the local judges and prosecutors is very important. It is always your decision to accept a settlement or take a case to trial.

Drug DUI Cases

There are two types of drug DUI cases in Washington. First, if you drive a motor vehicle with a THC content at or above 5 nanograms per milliliter of whole blood. Second, if you drive a motor vehicle and your driving is affected to an appreciable degree due to being under the influence of any drug (or a combination of any drug and/or alcohol). A drug DUI case will involve a blood test that the government will attempt to use to show what you had in your system. It is imperative that you hire an experienced DUI attorney to handle a drug DUI case. There are many issues specific to drug DUIs and blood tests that an attorney who focuses on DUI cases will be able to find and understand. In addition to the science, drug DUI cases, and blood test cases in general, may involve complicated search warrant issues that a DUI attorney will be able to spot. I have experience handling a number of drug DUI and blood test cases in Island County, Skagit County, San Juan County and Northwest Washington. I have been able to obtain successful results for my clients in these cases.

What We Can Do To Help You!

To help my clients facing a DUI or Physical Control case, I will:

  • Gather all the evidence and investigation on your behalf
  • Completely evaluate the evidence
  • Explore if there are any scientific issues that may be helpful for your case
  • Challenge the “science” and technology the government is trying to use against you
  • Negotiate the case with the prosecutor, pointing out the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case
  • Help clients find a reputable organization for evaluations and treatment
  • Assist with the Department of Licensing (DOL) and Ignition Interlock Device issues
  • Represent you at DOL hearings
  • File motions to suppress evidence
  • Advise on any deferred prosecution options available to consider
  • Take the case to trial
  • Appeal wrongful convictions

Where we accept cases

  • Skagit County District Court
  • Anacortes Municipal Court
  • Island County District Court
  • Mount Vernon Municipal Court
  • Oak Harbor Municipal Court
  • Burlington Municipal Court
  • Sedro-Woolley Municipal Court
  • San Juan County District Court
  • Skagit County Superior Court
  • Island County Superior Court
  • San Juan County Superior Court
  • At times, we accept cases in other jurisdictions in Western Washington.

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If you are arrested for or charged with DUI or a DUI-related crime, do not hesitate. Call us at (360) 588-4111 or contact the Campbell Law Firm DUI defense lawyer in Anacortes now. I will set you up with a free consultation, virtually or in person, so you will have plenty of time to understand the process and get your questions answered. I represent those accused in most cases with one clear flat fee, so you will know what to expect before you leave the office.